• Educational Walk
    Flexible schedule according to your needs
    Dog pension in a family environment
  • Walking dog
    Custom personalized package
  • Daycare
    for home cat

Welcome to Muso O Vent

Muso O Vent offers peace of mind by providing you and your pets, dogs and cats, with services adapted to your needs and theirs.

Too busy, vacation time whitout your pet? Long days, late nights,

Muso O Vent has a solution!

Muso O Vent has solutions for every situation, and offers varied packages

to suit your needs and your companions. We respect their personality,

physical demands, energy levels, need to play and learn and daily habits and

Services offered by a serious and qualified professional

? With training in positive reinforcement

? First aid training for pets (St John Ambulance)

For your peace of mind Muso O Vent offers three options of services :

  1. Educational walk for dogs
  2. Dog day care” in a family home with sleepover
  3. At home care” for cats
Muso O Vent